Monday, July 19, 2010

Show it off!

I find great store displays very inspirational. There is just something about great color, sometimes bigger than life presentations of product and all of that amazing organization that makes me giddy.
Display takes a great eye and lots of practice and patience. It was one of my all time favorite tasks at Oxford Floral years ago.

Though wild with stripes, Kate Spade's store still has enough neutrals to let your eye rest on what is important..
Like one of those aqua bags in the back!

Jonathan Adler's store is a great example of extravagance,
 but the soft monochromatic scheme invites you in, and makes you feel so comfortable on that sofa.

Anthropologie always has amazing displays..
huge installations of art.
Super Inspirational,
and I usually end up wanting something not for sale!

Good display makes you wonder for a minute where you "need" an object. It allows you to imagine the beauty of it in your own home.
And it kind of makes you re- think online shopping!
Think of each surface in your home like a great display.
Show off your favorite objects at different heights and in creative ways.. and try to include something a little unexpected!

Every vignette has the opportunity to be imaginative and
oh so charming.  

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