Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm taking donations..

I made the mistake of going to an estate sale on Grand Blvd. today.. at one of my favorite houses in town! 
Stacks and Stacks of china, silver, linens.  Beautiful clothes, furs, jewelry. Furniture, lamps and chandeliers.
I was a good girl.. but take a look at what didn't go home with me. 

Dreamy.. But where would it go in my house?
Can't you imagine stretching out on this?

 This was a great piece.. and as someone obsessed with her silver, I know! 
Does anyone need this? 
It really needed a good home.

 Here it is...
This is what I went for.. 
It was just as pretty as I imagined 
and fit my wrist perfectly. 
Could have done it for about 1/4 the price!
If I see it on your wrist.. we might fight.
No. But I might shed a tear.
And I will borrow it.  

All in all...
I'm going back tomorrow and Saturday..
I'm taking donations.

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