Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

These are the things I am loving on this week...

We have a new baby at the house..
I have no idea why I bought this today.
Damn Wal Mart.
It always sucks me in.
I love her though.. She is an oleander tree!

And in the other corner...

I found this sweet table at TJ Maxx on my
last day trip to Memphis with Anna.
It could possibly change colors..
We aren't so sure.
But it is perfect for my silver chest.
Which is the perfect home for
my mom's debutaunte portrait!  

Ps.. Just some sneak peeks of the dining room.. It's not finished yet!  

I am in "a lot of like" with this little black bathroom.
While I am in no way ready for another bathroom remodel,
I think this look would be perfect for Nick's bathroom...
IF we could only make the 3 different shades of brown tile disappear on their own.

(Photo via Lonny Magazine)

It's a big Birthday Day!
Shout out to Laura Merrill on her big day..
and to my sweet nephew on his 1st!
That cutie- patootie got a shout out this morning.
But Check this out...

The cake my rock- star sister- in- law 
had done for his party! 

(BTW.. That's not my SIL!)

Hope yall have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Love the table and that bathroom is GORGEOUS!! I think I might have to go paint mine!! ;)