Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Sip and Dip!

What do you do when one of your favorite girls
has a birthday?
Have a party, of course.
Not just any party.
Laura Merrill requested what I like to call a Sip and Dip.
Cocktails and a wide variety of dips.
The perfect dinner.
I hope she had a great time, because I think all of her friends loved celebrating her big day!

For the cocktails
Sparkly Stirers for Brandon's Sangria
For Fresh Daquiris

Lauren's Onion Souffle

Kristen's Baba Ganoush

Artichoke and Green Chili Dip

Kat's Black Bean dip

Michael's Corn Dip

The Birthday Girl and her amazing
Lemon Cake from her man.

You have no idea.
It was so good.

The Jean Thing: All lit up.

Frida: Two Bows are Better Than One.

Enjoying the night...

But coated in this. ..

In order to do this?

Happy Day!