Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

It has been a wild and crazy rollercoaster the past few weeks. School is over for the students, and I am packing up my classroom.
Yep. It's kind of bittersweet, with the possibility of not coming back, but I am uber- pumped about what my life has in store for me!
Without my computer (Uggg!!), it has been hard to become inspired to post lately.
I think there is just so much I can show what I am liking from the internet or from pictures on my computer at work!

But.. there are a few things making me happy this week. (Other than my upcoming summer!)

This book is better than Xanax.
It is Design Crack
and Hilariously Smart.
Adler's crazy style can always
pull me out of a funk.


Don't you love it?!?!?
I would put this in my dressing room.
Or bathroom.
Or hallway.
Or back entryway.
I think it is perfect.


Dutch Tulip Fields.
Aren't they amazing?
You just can't help but smile.


Que on the Yazoo was this past Saturday.
I got great pictures, but you know the story....
I took this one on my Blackberry- Sorry.
But, It was YUMMY.
And can you beat the name of the team???
Magnum P.I.G.
They took care of me all weekend!


One of my favorite students gave me this.
See those little lines??
He never put a pencil to his paper...
Drew the whole thing in pen.
I am so proud!

Have a wonderful day!  

(Photos via Here and Here)

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