Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

Nick and I spent a very special weekend with my family in St. Petersburg, Florida for our nephew's first communion celebration.

Even after a looooooong flight home, I am still on a high.
So many things made me happy.. But here is my top 5.

1. My digs for the weekend.
Don't you want to have your coffee out here every morning? 
Or chill out with a glass of wine here?

Check out my sista's oh so charming style..

Yes, She is a badass with that Herand china. Samuel read the beautiful poem, and we all cracked open our sand dollars.. and 5 little doves really do come out!

2. My Babies.
My niece perfected her "blue steel" while playing Fashion Model with her fave Aunt!

I got pounded in the head with that smiley face ball right after this picture by the young man of honor.

And there is No way in the world to resist this face.

3. I.I.I.IKEA!

I finally made it.. Crazy, huh? I had never stepped foot in an Ikea.
But, Cancelled flight= Extra shopping time. Loved it! How do people go to work when they live in the same town as Ikea?
PS.. I got drapes!

4. ZZ Top.
What? Yes... Samuel wanted to go to a Tampa Bay Rays game..

which included catching baseballs, beer, hot dogs and cotton candy.
And afterwards?
ZZ Top played!  

5. Cancelled Flights.
Happy? Am I crazy? No.
Cancelled Flights also equal First Class flights! Gotta love free cocktails and plenty of leg room.

And I got to finish this book. Wow. Intense.

Extra Credit:
Not only did Laura Merrill pick up my baby girl from the kennel, let her spend the night, AND let us borrow her car before work this morning...

She made me this! I LOVE it...You rock!!

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