Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TGI Tuesday

Sad Week: Our pretty red computer is sick and is (hopefully!) going to the doctor today. It seems to be working, but we see nothing on the screen!
So, no personal pictures for me. I would love to show off my ginormous hydrangea. And my new curtains in the dining room.

Moving on.
I will, though, show these great pillows I found on Ebay! I love an Ikat, even though it is done to death. I am trying to decide if a set should replace my hibiscus pillows on my living room sofa.

A To-Do list for my dining room.
*Lower my chandelier (or get a new one!)
*Find a new base for my silver chest
*Decide on hanging plates or brackets on either side of the window
*Find a large floor vase (does that make sense?)
*Frame new artwork to flank the mirror

If I type it, I have to do it.. right?!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!
Nick has today off, so I am already thinking about what he will cook for dinner. Yum.

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