Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ranch Makes Everything Better

I find myself extremely
drawn to a Ranch.
I love the look of that long exterior.
I love vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan.

Might it be because of the countless hours
as a child watching the Brady Bunch?
But I am kinda dreaming that my next house be a Mid- Century Ranch with all low rider furniture and big Art.

So, I was flipping through my Inspiration Book
and came across this picture.

It was the Amazing front doors
on this Ranch that made my heart go all a flutter. 

I never knew though-
that cutie is Amy Butler!

Her fabric is awesome...
Love to know that her house is just as fabulous.

Obviously not scared of major color or a white sofa.
The room seems so inviting..
Great party space, but good snuggle TV time.

What a great spot to read and daydream.
Nick would claim the Eames chair though.

Want. Want. Want.
I love a good weave.
I could find a great place in my house
for the Jasper sideboard.
(Crate and Barrel!?!)


Girl, Can I come over?

(Photos Here)