Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonder Walls

As I posted here,
My hallway is one of my favorite places in my house.

It seems to be popular with my friends too.
I love catching visitors loitering around,
looking at things that mean so much to us.
My friend, Kristen, said her sister is also a fan of a gallery wall and is thinking of doing one herself.
I am dying to meet this girl..
so I am tempting her with some inspiration!

There are so many ways to do a gallery wall,
hallway, or even room.

You can have a perfect grid

 You can be somewhat organized,
with the same color frames
and similar images..

You can go totally wild..
No rhyme or reason.

In White Frames..

Or Red Frames.

Or.. Go with a ledge.
Prop it up!

Hung SuperClose together..

Or my new love-
 perfectly spaced apart...
in a checkerboard.

Most importantly..
Do what makes you happy.
I love my eye stopping on a photo
or piece of art in my hallway
that I haven't noticed in a while.
It is worth all the nail holes.
Just have fun!


  1. I love your gallery hallway! My sister has told me about it but i love seeing the pics. I have a long hallway in my house and i am attempting to do one with family pics. I have started but definitely want to expand. I need you to come over and help me!!! Yours looks awewsome and i love seeing pics of other inspirations! You are so talented!!!

    Sarah Nell

  2. I love it any way it's done!! I recently helped my SIL redo her place and I did a gallery wall for her. LOVE IT! Sadly, I still don't have my own done!