Friday, May 21, 2010

Cultured Friday: Lamar Sorrento

Warning: This guy's art is not for everybody.

I understand that. It is by no means "pretty".
It is wild. It is colorful.
You can hear music resounding from the paint.
I love it.

Nick and I bought our first painting together early in our first year of dating. (Yeah, We knew.)
We bought a Lamar Sorrento of Son House at the Double Decker Festival in 2001.
This guy is nuts. Ole Miss and Memphis friends, surely you know who I am talking about. .. His stuff is all over City Grocery, Ajax, Otherland's and Huey's.
And of course, it's covering the walls and elevators at
"Fun To Park" parking garage in downtown Memphis!
He is a wild haired, self taught painter and a really loud guitar player from Memphis. He does incredible portraits of musicians he loves/ is obsessed with.
He also does commissions. I hear some cool Greenwood kids are having one done of their dad's old band, The Gants.
That's cool.
I really need him to do one of my little fam (hint hint, Nick!).

Rock on.

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