Thursday, May 20, 2010

Color Theory Thursday

As an Art teacher, my favorite topic to teach is Color Theory. I truly believe that color can affect your mood, and your favorite colors can really say something about your personality.
I love the way colors make you feel in a room. Sometimes I think choosing a specific color for a room can be cliche' (red dining rooms?), but the thought process behind it makes sense!
Today I am in a Blue mood.. Not sad! Just digging the color. Relaxing. We choose blues for both our bedroom and our kitchen.

Bedroom: Mill Springs Blue       Kitchen: Santa Monica Blue
Both Benjamin Moore. Of Course.

Some of my favorite inspiring blues..

Chilled out.

(Photos via Domino, Lonny, Blueprint, PinkWallpaper, Lenontine Linens)


  1. I've only recently become a blue fan.

  2. Me too! But isn't it wonderful.... I feel very drawn to it now!

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