Friday, April 2, 2010

Yard Work Part Two

What an Amazing Good Friday! The weather is beautiful here, and since Nick was at work I played outside with my good friend, spray paint...

Those chairs are super excited about some great pillows that Laura Merrill has made for them.
Then I learned what my parents meant about "cleaning out the beds". Weeding is no fun. I kind of remember it as punishment as a child. We have these gross thorny things that always get me.
But, I am very proud of my Carolina Jasmine. I have big hopes for her in the wine garden!

I also got a little creative when I found my grapevine wreath hiding in Nick's storage room. Combined with the beautiful green satin ribbon my mom used to wrap my birthday present and some "snips" from the yard.. I made this!

I am ready for the crowds.
Happy Easter Weekend!

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