Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: The Capital Hotel

It has been a wild week and an even wilder weekend.. in a good way!
We have gotten so many things done in the house, the weather is still wonderful (except for a little rain and some devastating tornadoes not too far away), school is getting closer to coming to an end, and Nick and I had a little weekend vacation!
My top 5 is coming from The Capital Hotel
in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Nick is a part of a chef's dinner in June at Ashley's at the hotel, so we went up for a meeting
and a little playing/ relaxation time.

1. This is the lobby. Sooooo luxurious. I want those brown velvet sofas. But please stop karate chopping the pillows.

2. This is our room suite.
(Frette Linens. The. Best. Bed. Ever.)

3. This is what was in the bathroom.
Loved that stool.
(I also love a bubble bath.. no pictures of that though!)

4. This is the cellar where we had lunch.
Yes, those gates were locked. I tried.

5. This is what I did when Nick worked.
And then took the slippers home!

Extra Credit: The Elevator. 
General Grant took his horse on this elevator. It's just that big.

The hotel was unbelievable.
What was even better: the food. I wish wish wish I had taken pictures.. It was just all gone too quickly! The chefs there are extremely creative people, and we were extremely spoiled.
I would highly recommend a trip!

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