Thursday, April 22, 2010

That Rug Really Ties the Room Together..

A little early in the morning for a Lebowski quote, huh?

I talked a few weeks ago, in this post, about how I had an obsession with black and white rugs.
I thought that one might "lighten up" my dining room.

Well, the bug bit me, and I bought this one from Rugs Direct. They offered free shipping, and I also Googled for a discount and recieved 15% off!

The Big Brown Truck dropped it off last night, and we had a little bit of a re-arrange.

It brightens up the room so much!
I have done two new paintings to flank the mirror and silver service and can't wait to get them framed.

They are bigger pieces and I think will make more of an impact here. Don't you think?

The room still feels formal, which I love, but also seems more relaxed!
Love the way the rug looks with the chair fabric. It really ties the room together.

PS.. I moved (by myself) the red Oriental into the living room and am very happy with those results.
Pictures later.
I am done shopping and rearranging for the week.
I'm exhausted!


  1. You were so right!!!

  2. That looks amazing!! LOVE the new rug and your paintings are amazing!!!!!!