Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ok.. I am only self- diagnosing, but there just might be a problem.
There was a possibility for a relaxing afternoon.
That didn't happen!
I have planted azaleas, mulched the flower beds, did laundry, and cleaned the house.. top to bottom!
That included taking off, washing, then putting back on this slipcover.

(Why, IKEA, WHY? Do you make that such a hard job!?!?)
Then. The OCD kicked in.

I have been working on my "organizational skills" lately.
As I posted last week, this little baby has been a world of help!

Nine drawers.. One each for me, Nick, Office Supplies, JA Stuff, Art Supplies, Gift Wrapping Stuff, Electronics, and Household Warranties.
But I needed more.
MUCH more.
I worked on my files.

Cleaned out the old stuff.. There were still files from Oxford! I made new files and went around the house "collecting" papers to file.
Then came this cabinet. I had it built in the kitchen especially for a "catch- all" type thing. It was over worked for sure. Lots of things to file, and even more to throw away.
Done. (Ignore the uncovered switch plate.. It's a cabinet!)

Now, it nicely holds notepads, pens, stationary, my portfolio and our House Notebook.
But the kicker-- the real symptom?
I have had these boxes since we got married. Our wedding invitations came in them, and Thank God my mother talked me into keeping them.

Three others are destroyed (they have been filled to the brim and moved twice), but these got a healthy dose of spray paint tonight!

They were Fine with the Crane Navy, but I felt they needed some jazzing up.. I see too many photos of people's "pretty" offices and organizational places!
This is one of my favorite spray paint colors, used on the bistro set on the front porch.  I do have to brag on my painting technique.. I put spray paint cans (I have tons) under them so they would "spin" while I painted!
They will soon have very cute labels like "Photos", "Love Letters", "Fabric Swatches", "Old Taxes", etc.. stuff too big for simple files!
I am exhausted, having a drink, so...
More soon!

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  1. Yeah- that doesn't sound like you relaxed to much- Maybe you are now since you got so much accomplished and are having a drink?? ;)