Friday, April 16, 2010

Cultured Friday: William Eggleston

I am having an Eggleston kind of day.

This week's pick was easy,
because William Eggleston is the kind of artist
that I feel would be my friend.

Or at least my drinking buddy.

His work just makes sense to me.

He makes you think you could find these places 
if you ride around long enough.

Or that you are invited to Sunday lunch 
at your friend's grandmother's house.

Or that you are going someplace
utterly charming.

I am obsessed with his color

and his simplicity.

I am also obsessed with the Silver Jews,
so I was super happy when they used
this photo for an album.

He loves Topp's BBQ.

"I am at war with the mundane."

All Photos are copyrighted by William Eggleston.

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