Friday, April 9, 2010

Cultured Friday

I have had to have a LOT of coffee this morning, thanks to a great group of girls at the Alluvian courtyard last night. I might sound kind of caffine- crazy.

But back to my organized blog-life.
Fridays (according to plan), I will introduce my huge audience to a favorite artist of mine. I don't always think about my house and how it looks, by the way.. I think about, teach, and love Art.  

So this week I was thinking, "Who am I going to post about ?" It's hard to pick favorites, and I am giving myself no limits. Old, Young, Man, Woman, Child, Living, Dead. Everyone gets a shot! One of my very very favorites is this week's "feature".

Mel Spillman was my Drawing and Composition teacher at University of Memphis when I was getting my Art Ed degree. She was my friend first, so it was pretty awesome to have her as a teacher. She does amazing drawings, paintings and colleges. I don't know how she does it, but her paintings make me feel absolutely beautiful.


"It's my favorite shot of you"

"What's In"

Do you love her work? It is making me want to paint this morning. Enjoy!


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