Sunday, April 18, 2010

Culinary Weekend

What do you do when your favorite chef comes to dinner?
Run and hide?
I would.

Viking hosted Frank Stitt, from such restaurants in Birmingham as Highlands Bar and Grill and Bottega, for this season's culinary weekend.

Sidenote: I took Nick to Highlands for his 31st birthday, and it was truly up there with the top three meals we have ever had. Nick was extremely happy and inspired.

Frank Stitt taught classes on Saturday at the Viking Cooking School, but Nick's restaurant, Giardina's, hosted him and his wife, along with several others for dinner Friday.

My man was prepared, and I was too proud.
I got to "help out" in the kitchen and took some photos of his amazing food.

Delta Catfish Cakes
with Green Tomato Pipperade
and Sauce Ravigote

Grilled Spring Onion and Baby Cucumber
and Mint Salad
with Chili Lime Vinigrette

Seared Hanger Steak
with Nick's Grandmother's Blue Potato Salad
and Sauteed Wild Ramps
with Lemon Salsa Verde

Just a Shout Out

Delta Grind Cornmeal Cakes
with Louisiana Strawberries

Nick with our friend, Chef Lee Richardson
of Ashley's at the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock

You gotta celebrate, right?

It was a fabulous weekend.
Good food and amazing company.

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