Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Charming Addition

I sent Nick this picture text last week
and could almost feel him cringe throught the phone.

I knew though,
that I had to have this credenza.
It was the perfect piece for our den/ office!
We had our computer on our pub table
from our old apartment.
I loved that pub table..It was our very first dining table and saw some amazing meals and practices from Nicks stint in culinary school.
It did not, though, work for a desk.
If you notice in pictures of the den in past posts,
I never even show it. I don't even have photos of it!
It didn't "style" well, computer wires were everywhere,
and I didn't even have any artwork above it
(That's really bad for a painter to say!).

So I took Nick to see the piece,
and even though he huffed at it, he hauled it home!

It took lots of scraping (the little boy that used it as a dresser dripped candle wax in the carvings),
lots of primer and lots of high gloss white paint.

Nine deep drawers, perfectly organized.
Computer wires tucked away.
I am a happy, happy girl.
It is very charming.


  1. OK. I'm impressed.

  2. OMG IT's BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a fantastic job!!