Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakin' the law?

After probably the best Easter ever, I was spending today with my parents in Greenville.
My mom and I hit Stein Mart with a vengance and were chilling out at the house before I drove back home, when my dad called.
He sounded really excited... so I knew I was in for a treat.

"Grab your camera and meet me at the new bridge."
Ok.. No problem.
For those of you not familiar with Greenville, MS, we are right on the river and are in the process of getting a new, beautiful bridge. It will open in July.

My dad's hunting camp is on both the Mississippi and the Arkansas sides.
We love Refuge. Nick and I had our rehearsal dinner there. We all hunt and fish there.. even my mom, the armadillo huntress! The sunsets are the best with bloody marys.. and Sunday dinner during deer season... YUM!!
It is really a "happy place".

I jumped in the truck (with the gas gauge below E) with Frida and my mom and headed out.
That's when I started thinking, where exactly am I going? The bridge isn't open yet!
I called my dad.

Dad:"You know that exit ramp? Take it."
Me: "The one with the barricades?"

Dad: "Yes."
Well... OK!
I guess he will bail me out of jail, right?

I was greeted with this

Oh. It's ON!
How cool!

Driving up on the bridge.

With the wind blowing through our hair.

Hello, Old Bridge!

Looking back toward Missisisppi

Straddling the center

Looking down

And up!

Standing in the exact center (see that line?)..
looking at the old bridge.

A little visitor

The man with the plan

Father and daughter: Saying goodbye to the old bridge


My happy place: Refuge

The best end to the best weekend!
Thanks, Dad.
Hope we don't end up in jail together!

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