Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Things That Are Making Me Happy

OK.. So instead of going all "blog overload", I am trying to organize my thoughts a little better.
This morning's "Where I Wish I Was" might be a Monday morning post.. It was today since I actually was where I wanted to be yesterday. It worked today since the first day back to school from a long weekend is hard work! New Orleans sounded amazing on a Spring morning.
So, Tuesdays I am going to post pictures of things that are making me happy. My top 5. I got the idea from Elle Decor's "12 Things She Can't Live Without" and domino's "10 Things that Make Me Happy".
I am loving my big girl camera, so this is a fun post for me!

1. My milk glass compote of paperweights.
I have collected these little beauties
since I was in high school.
I love them all piled up together!

2. My herbs are growing!!
Mississippi Spring Green is my favorite color.
Loving my new pillows, thanks to Laura Merrill!
Everything looks so pretty!

3. My husband's grandmothers china.

I call it my Easter china; it is perfectly
springy and feminine.

4. Leftover Easter candy.
Peanut M&M's are my favorite!
They won't be around the house for long.

5. My Mia's Pimento Cheese Sandwiches.
They lasted a total of 6 minutes around my brother and husband Saturday.
I got 2 and almost lost a hand.

So, there you go!
5 Things that are putting a smile on my face today.

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