Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

Have a SUPER Weekend!
We are going to Florida..

See Ya'll Later!

(Photo Here)

Cultured Friday: Jere Allen

"I will own a Jere Allen one day."
I cannot tell you how many times I have thought or said that statement over the last 10 years.
I missed his painting class at Ole Miss by only one semester when he retired.
I love his work. Really, he is probably my favorite.
Absolutely beautiful...  So rich and dark.

The ones I remember drooling over at Southside Gallery
in Oxford were always deep red or glossy black.
Now I see he is doing bright whites!
I love them but definately go more for the darker ones.

Some of these paintings are over 7 feet tall...
Um,  I have the perfect spot in my house!

Check out his studio .

You can read more about Jere Allen and see work here and here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ok.. I am only self- diagnosing, but there just might be a problem.
There was a possibility for a relaxing afternoon.
That didn't happen!
I have planted azaleas, mulched the flower beds, did laundry, and cleaned the house.. top to bottom!
That included taking off, washing, then putting back on this slipcover.

(Why, IKEA, WHY? Do you make that such a hard job!?!?)
Then. The OCD kicked in.

I have been working on my "organizational skills" lately.
As I posted last week, this little baby has been a world of help!

Nine drawers.. One each for me, Nick, Office Supplies, JA Stuff, Art Supplies, Gift Wrapping Stuff, Electronics, and Household Warranties.
But I needed more.
MUCH more.
I worked on my files.

Cleaned out the old stuff.. There were still files from Oxford! I made new files and went around the house "collecting" papers to file.
Then came this cabinet. I had it built in the kitchen especially for a "catch- all" type thing. It was over worked for sure. Lots of things to file, and even more to throw away.
Done. (Ignore the uncovered switch plate.. It's a cabinet!)

Now, it nicely holds notepads, pens, stationary, my portfolio and our House Notebook.
But the kicker-- the real symptom?
I have had these boxes since we got married. Our wedding invitations came in them, and Thank God my mother talked me into keeping them.

Three others are destroyed (they have been filled to the brim and moved twice), but these got a healthy dose of spray paint tonight!

They were Fine with the Crane Navy, but I felt they needed some jazzing up.. I see too many photos of people's "pretty" offices and organizational places!
This is one of my favorite spray paint colors, used on the bistro set on the front porch.  I do have to brag on my painting technique.. I put spray paint cans (I have tons) under them so they would "spin" while I painted!
They will soon have very cute labels like "Photos", "Love Letters", "Fabric Swatches", "Old Taxes", etc.. stuff too big for simple files!
I am exhausted, having a drink, so...
More soon!

My Perfect Rose

My mother- in- law has given me the
most beautiful rose bushes to help start my garden.
I feel so proud when they bloom like this!
The background is a Double Knock- out rose.
The beautiful pink one in the front is a long stem
Mrs. CB Hunt that is actually a cutting
 from Nick's great- aunt.. passed to his Gramma,
then to his mother,
then to me.
Just lovely.

Outside Inspiration

Being outside with this weather right now makes me want to do something drastic to my yard.
Aren't these patios gorgeous?
I would love to do a gridded patio
with some dwarf mondo grass.
It would be the perfect setting for a fire pit and four chairs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: The Capital Hotel

It has been a wild week and an even wilder weekend.. in a good way!
We have gotten so many things done in the house, the weather is still wonderful (except for a little rain and some devastating tornadoes not too far away), school is getting closer to coming to an end, and Nick and I had a little weekend vacation!
My top 5 is coming from The Capital Hotel
in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Nick is a part of a chef's dinner in June at Ashley's at the hotel, so we went up for a meeting
and a little playing/ relaxation time.

1. This is the lobby. Sooooo luxurious. I want those brown velvet sofas. But please stop karate chopping the pillows.

2. This is our room suite.
(Frette Linens. The. Best. Bed. Ever.)

3. This is what was in the bathroom.
Loved that stool.
(I also love a bubble bath.. no pictures of that though!)

4. This is the cellar where we had lunch.
Yes, those gates were locked. I tried.

5. This is what I did when Nick worked.
And then took the slippers home!

Extra Credit: The Elevator. 
General Grant took his horse on this elevator. It's just that big.

The hotel was unbelievable.
What was even better: the food. I wish wish wish I had taken pictures.. It was just all gone too quickly! The chefs there are extremely creative people, and we were extremely spoiled.
I would highly recommend a trip!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday!

(Photo here)

Cultured Friday: Gary Walters

Jackson, MS Artist Gary Walters.
These seemed like the perfect thing to perk up an 
overcast Friday morning...

Mississippi Road Color

Delta Jukehouse

Sky Delta Color II

(All Artwork found here)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

That Rug Really Ties the Room Together..

A little early in the morning for a Lebowski quote, huh?

I talked a few weeks ago, in this post, about how I had an obsession with black and white rugs.
I thought that one might "lighten up" my dining room.

Well, the bug bit me, and I bought this one from Rugs Direct. They offered free shipping, and I also Googled for a discount and recieved 15% off!

The Big Brown Truck dropped it off last night, and we had a little bit of a re-arrange.

It brightens up the room so much!
I have done two new paintings to flank the mirror and silver service and can't wait to get them framed.

They are bigger pieces and I think will make more of an impact here. Don't you think?

The room still feels formal, which I love, but also seems more relaxed!
Love the way the rug looks with the chair fabric. It really ties the room together.

PS.. I moved (by myself) the red Oriental into the living room and am very happy with those results.
Pictures later.
I am done shopping and rearranging for the week.
I'm exhausted!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Charming Addition

I sent Nick this picture text last week
and could almost feel him cringe throught the phone.

I knew though,
that I had to have this credenza.
It was the perfect piece for our den/ office!
We had our computer on our pub table
from our old apartment.
I loved that pub table..It was our very first dining table and saw some amazing meals and practices from Nicks stint in culinary school.
It did not, though, work for a desk.
If you notice in pictures of the den in past posts,
I never even show it. I don't even have photos of it!
It didn't "style" well, computer wires were everywhere,
and I didn't even have any artwork above it
(That's really bad for a painter to say!).

So I took Nick to see the piece,
and even though he huffed at it, he hauled it home!

It took lots of scraping (the little boy that used it as a dresser dripped candle wax in the carvings),
lots of primer and lots of high gloss white paint.

Nine deep drawers, perfectly organized.
Computer wires tucked away.
I am a happy, happy girl.
It is very charming.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

It is a beautiful Spring in the Delta. Nick and I have been outside as much as we can.. working in the yard, eating dinner al fresco, and basically just chilling.
We are super busy at work. State testing starts next week, we just got through a Culinary Weekend, and we seem to be going out of town for the next few weekends.
Wooo Whooo! Love a little vacation!

Other things that are making me happy this week:

1. Azaleas. Greenwood is ABLAZE with azaleas!
Nick just brought 3 home to plant,
 and I am pumped!

2. I made this for dinner Sunday night..

Spinich and Ricotta stuffed shells
from Real Simple
and Roasted Asparagus
from my friend Swayze's Dad's Garden.
Oh, Yum.

3. Vintage Camera Straps on Etsy. 

I just can't decide on one.

4. The Courtyard at The Alluvian.
Not much makes me smile more
on a sunny afternoon.

5. That Face.
My first nephew turned 8 this week..
Happy Birthday!

Hope everyone has a great day..