Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on the list

Didn't get to everything.. but not too shabby. 
Quite a busy month!

1. Order cabinet pulls for Nick's bedside table and door pulls for laundry doors.
I never found ones for the laundry doors, but I am super happy with the ones for Nick's table
2. Get new, shorter screws for pulls on buffet. They are loose and are driving me crazy
Never did it. Oh Well, they will just drive me crazy for a few more weeks.
3. Go on at least one really good date with Nick
Bistro, baby!
4. Have a dinner party
Ok, we had some people over for dinner but didn't get out all the "good stuff". Still calling it a party.
5. Taxes. Gross.
Seriously, Gross.
6. Re-do blog header
Look up! See?
7. Paint laundry room and organize
Love it. Need to take pictures.
8. Schedule lunch and manicures for my mom, my Mia, and myself
Not only once, but twice! Lucky me!
9. Frame more artwork for hallway and photograph
10. Start online class for CEU's
Yes, and loving it!
11. Work on water tower painting
Worked on, and finished!
12. Blog 4 times a week
Did it. For all 3 of my readers!  
13. Make appointment with Heather to have hair professionally colored
Really did try! We have both been busy.
14. Plant flowers/ shrubs in yard and planters on front porch
All that Monkey Grass! Plus, Loving the tulips and hyacinth.
15. Find bedside lamps
Very fun ones, too!
16. Work out regularly!! I have been SLACKING!
Yes. Yes. Yes. I bought The Shred. I am obsessed with it.
17. Write letters and send cards to my March birthday girls
I called them, though!
18. Set a play date with my neice and nephews while they are in Mississippi
Cute babies:)
19. Set all bills to be paperless
Easy stuff.
20. Clean out Nick's closets and donate clothes and "stuff" (or have him do it!)
21. Clean out den and master bedroom closets. Purge!!
Those both were bad ideas. I never has the urge to purge. I will get around to it!
22. Clean windows
All the Inside ones!
23. Ride dirt roads one (at least) sunny afternoon with Nick, Frida and a 6 pack. That's why I live in the delta!
So much fun.. and found a new boat landing for the summer!
24. Print Napa photos from last summer and put them on albums
25. Paint new outside bistro set
26. Call 5 friends I haven't talked to in months.
I need to do more of this!
27. Polish silver and organize silver/ china armoire
Shiney! Look at Header for a shot of my trays.
28. Take stuff to storage in Greenville
29. Have beautiful flowers inside.
Check. Purple Tulips on sale at WalMart!
30. Find fabric possibilities for dining room drapes
I found several possibilities! Still can't decide though!
31. Take a break.. and ENJOY MY BIRTHDAY!
Had an amazing party yesterday.....but the birthday is not over yet!

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  1. Nothing much better than a to-do list with lots of things crossed off!