Friday, March 5, 2010

That's Sharp!

While at one of my new favorite restaurants
in New Orleans, Butcher,
I spotted this print.'s a little personal, but I was in the bathroom.
Gotta love good art in the bathroom!
Really, it seems a little "sharp" for that room though.

But I love it. 
All those dangerous tools!
I sent Nick to the bathroom to check it out too and
even took this picture so I would remember
to look up the artist when we got home.

And lo and behold... It's not just a print.
It is done by a New Orleans wallcovering firm,
Flavor Paper.

Truthfully, I actually think it would be
super- fun in a kitchen!
Not mine though.
Nick disagrees. He LOVES it!
In blue, of course.

While I will NOT be wallpapering the kitchen.
A piece of the paper framed behind the range
for a backsplash would be really cool!

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