Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm a Winter

Did your Mother have this book?

My mother and my Mia both did. 
When the three of us shopped, which happened quite often before I started kindergarten, we knew only to look at "our color" clothes.
We are all three "Winters". {PS.. we also show up in the same colors/ outfit to this day when meeting for lunch} My cousins on the other hand were "Autumns", which made passing clothes down a little tricky.

Sidenote: One of my favorite bookstores, McCormicks Book Inn, in Greenville, is closing. While it is extremely sad to me, it was a good excuse to rack up on Christmas presents. Mainly To Myself. A Stack of Walker Percy hardbacks, people. Merry Christmas to me!!

I did pick up a copy of Color Me Beautiful for a friend who was raised the same way.. though as a Summer... she looks amazing in a light blue.  and a pastel.
Flipping through the book before I passed it on made me think.. What if we decorated our homes for OUR season...
What if successfully decorated homes already ARE?
Looking around my own home, I have recently changed things to the colors I actually wear the most of.. subconsiously?? Who knows.
Blacks, whites, teals, reds, blues. Pure bright colors. Colors of a Winter.
Would you be happier in colors that you looked the best in? Both on your body AND in your home??
It would look a little something like this...




Do you know your "colors"?
What season are you?
Want to borrow the book? It will change your life.

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  1. I need your expertise in the biggest of ways! I will call you in the New Year!