Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hall of Fame

One of my favorite spots in our house is the one hallway.
Weird, right?
The reason I love it so much is the collection of art we have hanging.

Photo by Chris Jenkins

I have been doing this since I lived in my tiny apartment in Midtown Memphis. As an Art major, I had collected way too many little pieces or photographs that I couldn't live without seeing on a daily basis. It was a small hall of fame there, and very eclectic.. with different frames, no real rhyme or reason.

When we created the "picture wall" in our loft in Columbus, I tied everything together with black frames and white matts. You could see this from the street below, and we kind of got known for it. We were even featured in a little magazine! This is one of my favorite photos of our family

(Photo by Kelly Tippett)

So when we bought this house, I knew we would be expanding the wall to the hallway. My secret: I don't measure; I just eyeball where things should go. No stress. One thing I absolutely don't care about in my house: nail holes. Rock them out. You can always "dap them up" later if you see them and they bother you.
This is one of the least expensive things I have ever done, but by far is one of my favorites. WalMart has great inexpensive frames now, and I raid them quite often.
I have some beautiful photographs and paintings, but  you don't have to always use "fancy" art!
A glimpse of our collection:

A collage of coasters and napkins Nick and I planned our wedding on. We set a date every month of our engagement for the two of us to talk without stress about what we wanted our day to be like. It is so funny to see what we wrote... 5 years later!

Menus from some of our most amazing dinners, artwork from our niece, Mia, and one of my favorite book covers. See, I did use the "leftovers" from this project!

A letter from our late Australian friend, Damien.

The ticket to the unforgettable bullfight in San Miguel, Mexico last summer. I mainly watched through my fingers at that one. It was like a scary movie!

My signed Kudzu Kings Album.. my Ole Miss graduation gift from my friend Jonathan. We were big fans.

I love catching a glimpse of one of these when walking through the hall. It never ceases to make me smile.

And, now that big girl is in our life, I think we will be adding on to the hallway!
I am having a blast practicing with her.
Frida, I think, is over it.

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