Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drapery Obsession

I am dreaming of new drapes in my dining room.
I have been obsessively stalking blogs and websites for ideas.
The windows are 10 feet wide and my ceilings are 10 feet tall.
I would LOVE to have something amazing that I can take with me from house to house...
Like these:

But maybe a vertical stripe?
This is my chair fabric..

and this is my rug..

The room has the ability to get dark,

so I also love the idea of basic white drapes
with an amazing trim to lighten it up. 

I feel sometimes, if I post an obsession here, it will pass..
Who knows?!

(Photos from MJ Trimming, Little Green Notebook, Ebay,
The CloseOut Channel, DecorPad.com)

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