Wednesday, March 10, 2010

21 Things

I was flipping though an old Ballard Design catalog
 a few nights ago and came across
"The 21 Things Your House Needs
from Traditional Home".
I decided to stroll through my house
 just to make sure I was covered.
You know I LOVE a list!
So, here goes...

1. A place for your drink.
We are so lucky to have this fun
butler's pantry in our house.
Always the perfect place to make a drink.

2. A Nomad console
This buffet is great in our dining room now,
but can move all over the house.

3. A Lamp to read by
We are not lacking in lamps,
but these are some of my favorites.

4. Knock-your-socks-off Art
We have been collecting good art for years.
It's kind of an obsession.

H.C. Porter
(One Year Anniversary Gift!)

Rosalind Wilcox
(My college Art professor and idol)

Samuel Newsom
How could this not Knock- your -socks off??
My fabulous nephew painted this of St. Rapheal for us
for Christmas a few years ago.
He is SO very talented!
I will show off his photographs one day soon!
(I think he takes after his aunt:)

5. A Cushy Chair
This was left to me by my great- aunt.
I had it recovered, and it's the best reading chair.

Frida thinks so too

6. Party- Friendly portables
4Tables and 16 chairs for outside parties
Yeah, we have them.. I promise you don't want to see
the picture of the tables and chairs in our storage room!
You will see plenty of pictures this spring and summer.

7. Grown-up Dinners
We don't have nearly as many formal dinners
as we should, but we diffinately have the set up.

8. A versatile bookshelf
A real must- have!

Living Room


9. Natural Fibers
The magazine was mainly looking at rugs.
I am still shopping for these,
but I will show you the ones I have.
This one is pretty "natural", don't you think?
My sweet Argentinian Cow.

10. A Welcoming Entry Table
The front table is one of my favorite Paul Michael's finds.
My mom and I found it before I found the house.
When I first saw our house, I knew the perfect spot.

This table belonged to Nick's great aunt and uncle.
It is really cool and will always find a fun home
in our house.


11. A pretty place for laundry
Ok.. Not so pretty, but the outside is so much better than it was!
(See Kitchen Renovation!)

The inside is a Spring Break project..
More to come!

12. A Hang- out bed
Love it. Hard to get out of in the mornings.

13. Mirror Mirror

14. A French connection
OK.. I am definately more Parisian than French Country.
With a little bit of New Orleans French thrown in,
so I am checking it!

15. A place to put your feet up
Um.... Check?
Traditional Home put ottomans in this category.
We don't have ottomans!
Is that strange?
I don't have an issue with them,
but they just don't fit right now!
We DO allow your feet up on the couches
 IF your shoes are off,
so Check!
16. A truly comfortable sofa
We have 4.
Including one in the kitchen!
We like to chill.

17. A pillow wardrobe
Truly, the easiest way to dress a room!

18. Eye- catching accessories
My all- time favorite pastime.

19. Patterns that make a statement
I am not scared of a pattern.
(See other categories)

Master Bedroom

Dining Room Chairs.

20. A touch of modern
Love mixing modern with traditional .

21. A well adjusted dining table.
A great hand-me-down from my brother and sister in law.
This table came from a hotel in Washington,DC.
It has seen some wonderfully amazing meals.

That was fun!
It was a little crazy trying to categorize
everything in our house.
Glad I made the cut!
Do you?


  1. That was fun! Thanks for sharing. I love your nephew's painting.
    I have a picture drawn by my nephew too, when he was just a little guy. He takes after his aunt too! ;)

  2. that was the most valuable checklist ever.. i didnt exatly made the cut yet but i think this list up my sleeve i will be able to for sure!! :) love your kitchen btw