Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hall of Fame

One of my favorite spots in our house is the one hallway.
Weird, right?
The reason I love it so much is the collection of art we have hanging.

Photo by Chris Jenkins

I have been doing this since I lived in my tiny apartment in Midtown Memphis. As an Art major, I had collected way too many little pieces or photographs that I couldn't live without seeing on a daily basis. It was a small hall of fame there, and very eclectic.. with different frames, no real rhyme or reason.

When we created the "picture wall" in our loft in Columbus, I tied everything together with black frames and white matts. You could see this from the street below, and we kind of got known for it. We were even featured in a little magazine! This is one of my favorite photos of our family

(Photo by Kelly Tippett)

So when we bought this house, I knew we would be expanding the wall to the hallway. My secret: I don't measure; I just eyeball where things should go. No stress. One thing I absolutely don't care about in my house: nail holes. Rock them out. You can always "dap them up" later if you see them and they bother you.
This is one of the least expensive things I have ever done, but by far is one of my favorites. WalMart has great inexpensive frames now, and I raid them quite often.
I have some beautiful photographs and paintings, but  you don't have to always use "fancy" art!
A glimpse of our collection:

A collage of coasters and napkins Nick and I planned our wedding on. We set a date every month of our engagement for the two of us to talk without stress about what we wanted our day to be like. It is so funny to see what we wrote... 5 years later!

Menus from some of our most amazing dinners, artwork from our niece, Mia, and one of my favorite book covers. See, I did use the "leftovers" from this project!

A letter from our late Australian friend, Damien.

The ticket to the unforgettable bullfight in San Miguel, Mexico last summer. I mainly watched through my fingers at that one. It was like a scary movie!

My signed Kudzu Kings Album.. my Ole Miss graduation gift from my friend Jonathan. We were big fans.

I love catching a glimpse of one of these when walking through the hall. It never ceases to make me smile.

And, now that big girl is in our life, I think we will be adding on to the hallway!
I am having a blast practicing with her.
Frida, I think, is over it.

Fish Fry Photos

Our friend and photographer, Chris Jenkins,
posted a beautiful set of photos on his blog
from our Fish Fry this past Sunday.
Here are just a few...

For the rest, Check out his blog!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, It's ON.

Happy Birthday to Me!
I got a Big Girl Camera!!!

Update on the list

Didn't get to everything.. but not too shabby. 
Quite a busy month!

1. Order cabinet pulls for Nick's bedside table and door pulls for laundry doors.
I never found ones for the laundry doors, but I am super happy with the ones for Nick's table
2. Get new, shorter screws for pulls on buffet. They are loose and are driving me crazy
Never did it. Oh Well, they will just drive me crazy for a few more weeks.
3. Go on at least one really good date with Nick
Bistro, baby!
4. Have a dinner party
Ok, we had some people over for dinner but didn't get out all the "good stuff". Still calling it a party.
5. Taxes. Gross.
Seriously, Gross.
6. Re-do blog header
Look up! See?
7. Paint laundry room and organize
Love it. Need to take pictures.
8. Schedule lunch and manicures for my mom, my Mia, and myself
Not only once, but twice! Lucky me!
9. Frame more artwork for hallway and photograph
10. Start online class for CEU's
Yes, and loving it!
11. Work on water tower painting
Worked on, and finished!
12. Blog 4 times a week
Did it. For all 3 of my readers!  
13. Make appointment with Heather to have hair professionally colored
Really did try! We have both been busy.
14. Plant flowers/ shrubs in yard and planters on front porch
All that Monkey Grass! Plus, Loving the tulips and hyacinth.
15. Find bedside lamps
Very fun ones, too!
16. Work out regularly!! I have been SLACKING!
Yes. Yes. Yes. I bought The Shred. I am obsessed with it.
17. Write letters and send cards to my March birthday girls
I called them, though!
18. Set a play date with my neice and nephews while they are in Mississippi
Cute babies:)
19. Set all bills to be paperless
Easy stuff.
20. Clean out Nick's closets and donate clothes and "stuff" (or have him do it!)
21. Clean out den and master bedroom closets. Purge!!
Those both were bad ideas. I never has the urge to purge. I will get around to it!
22. Clean windows
All the Inside ones!
23. Ride dirt roads one (at least) sunny afternoon with Nick, Frida and a 6 pack. That's why I live in the delta!
So much fun.. and found a new boat landing for the summer!
24. Print Napa photos from last summer and put them on albums
25. Paint new outside bistro set
26. Call 5 friends I haven't talked to in months.
I need to do more of this!
27. Polish silver and organize silver/ china armoire
Shiney! Look at Header for a shot of my trays.
28. Take stuff to storage in Greenville
29. Have beautiful flowers inside.
Check. Purple Tulips on sale at WalMart!
30. Find fabric possibilities for dining room drapes
I found several possibilities! Still can't decide though!
31. Take a break.. and ENJOY MY BIRTHDAY!
Had an amazing party yesterday.....but the birthday is not over yet!

Friday, March 26, 2010

You know what I love?

A Fish- Eye Lens.

You know that's cool.

I have been stalking my friend,
Chris Jenkins' blog.
You should, too.

I love his Streetcar shots,
and of course, his posts from his visits to
Tallahatchie Flats, here and here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday Retrospect

Last year, Nick threw me a Fish Fry for my 30th.
It was so much fun, We are having another on Sunday.

If you are around, Please! Come over!

My friend, Brandon, made this

It was Sangria.
He did both White and Red.
He was my hero.

Also, this girl was there. I hope she comes back.
She was a HIT!

Her dad was in charge of this.. and will be again.

With all that, 31 doesn't sound so bad!

Pray for good weather!

PS.. My Friend Chris took these amazing pictures. I am posting about his work soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Secret Room

I have a secret.
I have never been in our attic.
Never even poked my head up in the opening to look around.
I have no desire in the world to. Ever.
I think it is because when I was a child, our attic caught on fire and the fire department came. Scary.

I am pretty sure I went back in that attic, though.
Now that I think about it, I don't think Nick has been up there either.

But what if....
It looks like this,

Or this,

Oooo. Or this,

And we had no idea?!?!
Kind of makes me want to peek!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drapery Obsession

I am dreaming of new drapes in my dining room.
I have been obsessively stalking blogs and websites for ideas.
The windows are 10 feet wide and my ceilings are 10 feet tall.
I would LOVE to have something amazing that I can take with me from house to house...
Like these:

But maybe a vertical stripe?
This is my chair fabric..

and this is my rug..

The room has the ability to get dark,

so I also love the idea of basic white drapes
with an amazing trim to lighten it up. 

I feel sometimes, if I post an obsession here, it will pass..
Who knows?!

(Photos from MJ Trimming, Little Green Notebook, Ebay,
The CloseOut Channel,

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Back!

Oh, Sad Day.
Spring Break is over.

What a wonderful week!
Now, it's Monday... Back to School. Boo.
I got a big chuck of "the list" done, but mostly relaxed.
I needed it!
I did take a little day- trip to Memphis with my girl, Anna.

She was getting this amazing fabric made into a duvet,

while I shopped at the West Elm/ Pottery Barn outlet.

I was definately into all things white,
until I turned the corner and BAM:

I walked out with these two babies,
who, at $9.99,  are fighting for a place at my back door.

Frida votes for the blue one.

And for anyone looking for lamps.. Go to TJ Maxx!

Now I am in Party- Planning mode..
Spring makes me want to have snacks and champagne outside!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 39th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Itta Bena

My view on the way to school every morning:

60"x 12"
Mixed Media

Monday, March 15, 2010

Southern Flourish

Some days, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea, a blanket and a good magazine.
I admit, I am a horder of magazines. I can't seem to throw them away! This is a good thing, I think, since some of the best magazines are now defunct. Sad.
You can't really curl up (comfortably) with a laptop, but I found a great new online magazine today!
Southern Flourish is kind of a funky cross between domino and Southern Living. The first issue is wonderful!
Great (cupcake!) recipes, inspiring homes,
beautiful gardens, tours of your favorite southern cities, plus fashion and beauty all rolled into one.
While I miss the tactile experience of "real" magazines, I am very excited about Southern Flourish!

Fabulous Find, Completed

I have been on the look- out for a new bedside table
for Nick 's side forever.
I posted a few weeks ago that I found one
that I WE love.
(Nick had to be happy, too!)
I was then on the look out for new
cabinet pulls and new lamps.


Teetering on the edge.
Driving me crazy.
Cheap Cheap.

Found the table!
Storage Galore!
But Needs a little more tweaking...


In Love with the lamps.
Another Paul Michael's Find. 
Not at all what I was looking for, 
but exactly what we needed.  

Cabinet pulls from
I chose these since the others (which I also loved)
had a major linear look,
that when put next to the cabinet,
was way too much.

What's Next?