Saturday, February 13, 2010

Judging Books by their Covers

Yet another productive Saturday!
This blog has definately been giving me a push
to do some re-arranging
and cleaning around the house.
So after lunch and errands, Nick went to the restaurant
and I went to work around here.
The den got a little update, I added some art to the hallway, I cleaned the fans (Gross!),
then while taking a rest in the living room, 
the bookshelves caught my eye.

Nick and I both love our books.
It was so fun to join our varied collections when we got married. Between an Art/ English major and a History/Culiary Arts major.. We've got quite an interesting library going!
The problem today was that all of the decorated book spines were looking too "busy". They were taking away from the other objects in the shelves.
Now, I have tried arranging the books by color,
but to me that seems too "decorated".
Then I remembered a tip I had writted in a journal once about removing dust jackets to reveal their cloth covers to brighten your space. All the great color is there, but the graphics are toned down.

It took a while but was so worth it!
It is like having all new books.
And those covers will make great framed art.
New colors, New fonts. Simple, but beautiful.
The mostly solid colors now look more "put together"
and also make the objects around them really Pop!

Happy Day!

This project also reminded me why I would never have a Kindle. It was a little trip down Memory Lane.
I love the feel and smell of books.
Nick and I tuck things in books, and obviously have for years.
I found 2 copies of Nick's birth certificate, some hilarious  photographs from college, receipts, bills, loving inscriptions from my mother saying things like "Happy 27 days before your birthday", and my favorite, a letter from my dad that I found in a Welty novel, telling me to

"Study, Cooperate, and Graduate. Love Sam".

I'm sure I deserved that.
Love you too.

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