Monday, February 1, 2010

All Dressed Up

It was a very productive Sunday at the Seabergh house!
No Saints on TV, so Nick and I got tons of things done.
While he was on the roof, cleaning out the gutters,
I was praying he wouldn't fall off and working in my dressing room.

I Love my dressing room.
But What? It started out white too?
Not for long! 
I painted it the same beautiful color as our bedroom soon after we moved in.

Last weekend, I found this little jewel at the same great store in Carrollton
where I found the horses.

 How could I ever be sad about getting ready in the mornings?

I don't have tons of framed snapshots around our house,
but I love to see my friends and family smiling at me.
Most of my favorites live scattered around this room.

Nick put up a shelf running the length of the room about a year ago.
I have had my bags up there, but I couldn't see or get to any of them.

I can now! 

(Look at my mom, circa 1982. What a hottie!)

I can see everything now. 
 I forgot about some of those!

This is the only cat Nick will allow to live in our house.
She loves getting all dressed up.

I also have a crazy collection of glasses, pretty bowls,
and random owls(?).
I used them here to display my jewelry and headbands.
I feel like I am shopping when I get ready now!

The framed prints around the room are some of my favorites.
I found them in Saint Petersburg, FL with my sister- in- law..
Salvador Dali magazine advertisements!
They are very girly and seemed perfect for the room.

What a day!
Now, if I can just keep everything clean and organized!

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