Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A NEW Charming Day!

I am starting this blog as a record of things that influence me, art and home design, plus food, books, and entertaining. Each post will be of something I find charming- something that tells a story about what inspires my life. 
I chose the title "A Charming Day" because I am rarely without my charm bracelet (seen above). My mother gave me this bracelet 3 years ago with one charm, her debutaunte crest from 1970.  The bracelet makes me smile every time I look at it. It is a collection of memories of the places and people that have changed my life. Hopefully this blog will reflect the same.
I am a high school art teacher, a constant re-decorator of my home, the wife of a fabulous chef, Nick and the mother of a really sociable dog, Frida.

(That's Nick..
Frida is not pictured, but is right at his feet when he cooks.. just in case!)

We moved to the Mississipi Delta in July of 2008. I am originally from here and am THRILLED to be back. The vibe here is upbeat, even though we are a very depressed region. The culture is awesome.. the food, the art, the really fun parties! We bought a 1930's house.. entirely painted white, inside and out. We have done so much work, renovating a kitchen and recently a bathroom, and painting everything in sight!

I love to create (daily) color co-ordinated "to do" lists and own too many journals, sketchbooks and planners.  I am that girl who will write a list (always with a sharpie) with things she has already done on it... just to cross them off immediately. I like a feeling of accomplishment!

(My favorite journal since 2002!)

My plan is to use this blog to record images of the fabulous parties and food, creative renovations to my house and photographs from the web pages I stalk obsessively. Hopefully the charming things I find will inspire you too!

So, here is your first peek.......

My New "Charming" Happy to myself:

Aren't they amazing!? They don't have names yet, but they are living happily in our bedroom.
My friend, Swayze introduced me to a wonderful antique store in Carrollton, MS (where I also scored a beautful vanity for my dressing room... more on that soon!).  These were calling my name, and I went to retrieve them a few days later! 
They remind me of Jonathan Adler and make me insanely happy.
That McCarty bowl isn't too shabby either!

I have been spray painting today... but more on that tomorrow!

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  1. To my alway reinventing, always fresh and interesting, and always CHARMING sister-LOVE THIS! You are so very.....in so many ways. Much love and appreciation,