Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Loo Re-Do

A few months ago, I became very unhappy with our bathroom.
I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I was definately on a budget!
 We have a jack and jill bathroom that separates our bedroom from the den.
This is a shot of my bathroom when we bought the house.

That pink sink is HOT, right??
It looks even better with the baby blue tile lining the tub area.
And the linoleum floor?
But with a little paint, a new mirror and some artwork,
the bathroom was livable.
The wall color is Benjamin Moore Summerdale Gold.
 I use that and Livingston Gold in several rooms.
Great warm color. 

I thought I would be able to live with it.

I found this:

The most beautiful dark brown marble tile.
At Lowe's.
And they were basically GIVING it away.
It was exactly what I wanted!

So, within a week..
Out came the pink sink,
Up came the linoleum, and 
Down went the concrete board.

The NEXT day...

 Did I mention that this was the quickest bathroom remodel ever?
3 Days.
If anyone is interested, I know who to call!

We went with a black grout, which I think was a great decision.
We found a pedestal sink (also at Lowe's).
I wouldn't normally go with a pedestal, 
but there is plenty of other storage in the room,
 and you see so much more of the floor now.

I went with a rubbed bronze faucet. I love how it looks with the dark floors.
I also kept the blue tile. I wasn't interested in retiling the whole tub area.
Remember that budget?
Plus, it looks good with our bedroom color!
We put up a white floor to ceiling shower curtain.
The baseboards were nothing to speak of before,
but Nick has installed really tall ones that match the rest of the house.

I feel that every room need personal touches.
And plants are so happy in the bathroom.
So a few more "pretty things" here and there, and the bathroom is complete!
Well, for now..
These pictures make me want a new light fixture!

The room seems so much more spacious. And Clean.
And isn't that what you need in a bathroom?

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