Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A "Grate-ful" Find

Two nights ago, Nick was off work. A night together is a rare and wonderful occasion! He fed me very well, and then took to cleaning out his outside storage room (Thank you Lord!!). In the midst of the mess that has accumulated there this winter, he found this:

This fireplace grate came with the house.
We had a wood burning fireplace.

This is the living room, before we bought the house.
I wasn't lying about the white paint everywhere!
Look at those floors though.
This is the same room, a week after we moved in:

Yes, I was unpacked and set up a week later. That accomplishment thing again!
But things were still not quite right.
So. After many, many discussions about how much Nick hates gas logs,
I bought a set.
Yes, I agree that marriage is a partnership,
but sometimes the wife has to make a decision.
I got him an awesome firepit.
I primed and painted that brick fireplace and mantle by myself,
and I got those gas logs.

Ta Da!
I am aware it is white.
That fireplace was the only thing in the house that wasn't white.
It is now the only thing that is.
You will discover, if you didn't know already, I am a BIG fan of color.

So, fast forward to Monday night.
We found the grate, Nick sanded all the rust off and cleaned it.
And armed with this:

I now have this:

A home for my domino magazines!
As long as I don't break a toe, it works great!
Just in case though, I tucked it here:

The magazines are off the floor.
There is one less thing in that storage room.
Nick now has a memory of his lost "real" fireplace.

So, the moral of the post:

I either learned that from all those domino magazines,
or my dad.

Another Charming Day.

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  1. cool...wonder what life was like BEFORE spray paint? I am into blue high gloss right now--try it!